Deadline for health and disability workers extended

Critical health worker entry deadline extended

We have exciting news for health and disability workers who are looking to migrate to New Zealand.

health workerAs of the 19th of November 2020, Immigration New Zealand have announced that current or new health or disability workers who are needed to deliver critical services in New Zealand are able to enter New Zealand providing their start date is the 31stMarch 2021 or earlier. This date was originally set at 31 December, but was extended for another 3 months.

This extension assists recruitment for the health sector before the Christmas and summer holiday period, particularly when appointing new overseas doctors and medical professionals. It also enables approved Internationally Qualified Nurses (IQNs) to start a Competency Assessment Programme before 31 March 2021.

Whilst the New Zealand border is highly restricted to the large majority of people, it remains open to health and disability workers who meet the New Zealand governments criteria and have a skilled job offer here in New Zealand.

Health workers are needed in New Zealand

The New Zealand government acknowledges that we need to ensure our healthcare system can access the skilled individuals it requires to strengthen our healthcare systems in the face of Covid19. Whilst Covid19 is effectively eliminated in New Zealand, we need our healthcare system to remain prepared. However, this also provides an excellent opportunity for healthcare and disability workers to migrate to New Zealand if they are looking for a safer haven to work, or even just for a new adventure. If you are a healthcare or disability worker who is interested in migrating to New Zealand, get in touch with us today. We partner with several health recruiters who may have a job available for you.

The NZ border remains open to certain health workers with a job offer in New Zealand

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