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Are you worried about the complex immigration process that may allow you to live in New Zealand? Remove the uncertainty and get total peace of mind with licensed immigration consultants and a 100% money back guarantee. Because we understand that every person and every family has different situations, our team of experts is dedicated to help you make your move towards your new life in New Zealand an amazing, stress-free experience. Let us help you achieve your goal by taking care of the New Zealand immigration process. Our free eligibility assessment helps us understand your situation and your needs better.

Find out if you’re eligible for a New Zealand VISA

You will be assigned a personal licensed adviser to assess your eligibility to move to New Zealand, and provide you with a roadmap to success containing which visas you qualify for and how to achieve your goal of a new life in New Zealand. Not only this, but you also gain access to SmartMove, full of valuable tools and information.  As soon as you know you’re eligible, you can access our approved job vacancies and useful guides such as how to write your CV for the New Zealand job market.


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