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Find a job in NZ: common interview mistakes

Find a job in NZ: common interview mistakes

How to find a job in New Zealand?

Finding a job anywhere can be a long and arduous process. Getting a job in New Zealand from offshore is even harder, but far from impossible. Many of our clients are offshore when they apply for the first visa, usually a work visa under Essential Skills Instructions, based on a job offer from a New Zealand employer.

The main goal of a job application should be to be offered an interview. If you are offshore, these are now commonly done via phone or Skype. There are several recommendations on the best approach to interviews, by New Zealand’s standards. Our Job Search Package has details on this.

Interestingly, trusted website has issued NZ employers some recommendations for them too.

  1. Being late
  2. Being under-prepared
  3. Focussing too much on skills & experience
  4. Throwing curveballs
  5. Dominating the conversation
  6. Drawing the process out
  7. Underselling your organisation

Keeping these at the back of your mind while being interviewed should give you a good understanding of the organisation you are being interview by.

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