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Christmas down-under

Have you ever wondered what Christmas is like for those of us down-under? Kiwi's are typically laid back and relaxed people and the New Zealand Christmas is no exception to this. Christmas days are typically spent either at home, at a relatives or if you are lucky enough at the bach (holiday house). The classic Christmas dinner is sometimes replaced with a kiwi favourite - the barbecue and the days activities are largely orientated around the outdoors due to Christmas falling in the first month of summer and the weather is usually pretty warm.

New Zealand is lucky enough to have the snow replaced with the beach and beautiful sunshine and one of our native tree's - the Puhutukawa serves as a backyard christmas tree for many with its bright red flowers spears all over the coastline. Whilst New Zealand might not have the climate of a classic white christmas the fundamentals still remain the same with plenty of time spent with family and delicious food to share!