Changes for partners of temporary work visa holders

Immigration New Zealand reviewing their previous announcement

After initially planning on stripping work rights from partners of temporary work visa holders from December 2022, then  deciding to postpone the decision by a few months, Immigration New Zealand has eventually made a call on what the partners work visa changes would be.

What are the changes?

Currently, partners of temporary work visa holders may apply for an open work visa allowing them to work for any employer, in any occupation, in any region. This as long as the supporting partner earns median wage ($29.66/hour as at 27th February 2023).

For applications submitted on or after 31 May 2023 partners of temporary work visa holders will remain able to apply for an open, partnership based work visa, based on their relationship with an AEWV holder. A job offer will not be required however:

  • they will only be allowed to work for an employer who is INZ Accredited
  • they will have to be paid at or above median wage ($29.66/hour) unless the role is on an exemption list or covered by an un-capped sector agreement

Does this change apply to everyone?

The change will not apply to:

  • Existing work visas holders (until their visa expires)
  • Partners of workers whose occupations is on the Green List or paid twice the median wage
  • Partners of New Zealanders
  • Partners of those holding other types of temporary visas (not AEWV)

The above will remain able to work for any employer in any occupation.

What if the partner does not want to work?

Partners who do not wish to work at all may apply for a partnership-based visitor visa instead.

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