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A Random Act of Kindness: Donate Blood

Early September we announced our new monthly project of giving back to the community in New Zealand, 'Good Shores'. This month nominee is NZ Blood. The New Zealand Blood Service makes available safe and appropriate blood and tissue products and related services.

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New Zealand: wilderness on your doorstep

A great success story of a Scot moving from Glasgow to Wellington. Find out about the many reasons why moving to Wellington might be the best decision you make in your life.

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Migrant communities

Migrants gather to help support each other as they get used to life in NZ.

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Good Shores: A random act of kindness

We are very happy to introduce our new initiative aiming to help out our fellow migrants with random acts of kindness every month called ‘Good Shores’

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Oprah Winfrey loving New Zealand

Oprah Winfrey expressing her love for New Zealand AGAIN ! Thanks Oprah, such lovely words... 💚💜💙 “I am telling you: If you want to expand yourself as an individual on the planet Earth, New Zealand’s the place to go....The people are 100 percent present. They are not walking across the...

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A New Zealand story: At home in Dunedin

Two years after moving to New Zealand from South Africa, this family has fully embraced Kiwi culture and lifestyle. The advantages of New Zealand life won them over, although it was not easy at first, having to adjust to the weather, the Kiwi accent, and slight differences in job environments....

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A New Zealand story: Building a new city and a new life

Fancy moving to New Zealand from Ireland? This young family has done it! Recession in Europe and work opportunities in the building industry after the Christchurch earthquake have enticed Martin and his family to take the plunge. Although work in his field of expertise is similar to what he did...

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A New Zealand story: Family life returns for migrant couple

A particularly touching story of a migrant couple from the Philippines and how their hard-working attitude enabled them to bring their 3 children over and live in New Zealand with a resident visa. The Christchurch rebuild has created many job opportunities in various trades. Read out more about this particular...

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live in new zealand
A New Zealand story: A creative life

Even better the second time around! This is what this young American couple found New Zealand to be. After a short work opportunity in Wellington, the couple moved back to the US but the memories of New Zealand's laid-back life, "by the beach", was too strong to resist... Mike and...

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move to New Zealand
A New Zealand story: A marriage of career and lifestyle

Following a honeymoon experience in New Zealand, Ilena and Andrea, from Italy, decided to make a lifetime move and settle in New Zealand. With essential skills on demand, getting a job was straightforward, and they sorted out the paperwork opting for the no-hassle method, using a New Zealand-based immigration adviser....

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