A snapshot into New Zealand life

For a quick overview of New Zealand’s economy, people, and government, it is a good idea to look into the yearly New Zealand in Profile, published by Statistics New Zealand. The 2015 edition reveals a few interesting facts about New Zealand, if you intend to make it your new home. Even if you already live here, it’s a useful document for those wanting to know the average cost of housing or essentials, what salary they may expect, what the main New Zealand industries …

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New Zealand’s best career prospects

Thinking about studying and eventually living in New Zealand? Or are you a fresh overseas graduate in engineering, science, or IT? According to a recent report by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of New Zealand, these fields have the promising career opportunities. Trade jobs (carpentry or welding) are also in high demand. Read the whole article here. New Zealand Shores has a list of jobs checked for suitability for 1 or more New Zealand visa categories. This list is …

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Why move to New Zealand, in 30 words or less

“It’s a great place to work, we have great career opportunities, (and) a terrific quality of life” says New Zealand’s Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce.    With 50,000 jobs or more to be created over the next two years, it is definitely a good time to move to New Zealand. With a strong economy and booming market in many industries – construction, food & beverage, high tech…- as well as unbeatable quality of life, New Zealand is the …

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New Zealand wealth growth on top of the world

New Zealand’s wealth has grown more than any other country since 2000 and is just in front of Australia which is commonly seen as New Zealand’s wealthier and bigger brother. The average wealth of New Zealanders has grown by 300% over the last 14 years and is largely due to favourable currency movements. It is a great time to be a Kiwi with the wealth steadily increasing more than anywhere else in the world. Living in New Zealand provides ample …

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Made in New Zealand

Why is it that New Zealand made products are so desirable around the world? New Zealand boasts strict standards for production of items and we are known for our low levels of corruption. Food products, beauty products, clothing and toys are amongst the niche products that are manufactured in New Zealand and in demand around the world. New Zealand cannot compete on a large scale with international producers but the emphasis on New Zealand producers is that they are producing …

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The Forestry industry of New Zealand

The history of forestry stems back to European settlement with large amounts of native trees being cleared in order to build new settlements. Many native trees are now protected and trees are now planted in forestry specific plantations to ensure the preservation of New Zealand’s iconic bush. The native kauri tree was also favoured for use in building ships and was so cleared in large amounts. Forestry is New Zealand’s second top producing industry with 70% of our wood products …

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Agriculture and Horticulture is New Zealand’s top producing industry!

Agriculture and Horticulture is still New Zealand’s top producing primary industry with it contributing to over 50% of New Zealand’s export earnings. The industry’s dynamic have changed and now include; seafood, produce and even farming products! The farming lifestyle is second to none in New Zealand so if you are interested in moving to New Zealand, get in touch today!

Top 10 paying jobs

Ever wondered which jobs pay the most in New Zealand? Here are the top 10 paying jobs. is your job on the list? Read more on New Zealand Herald!