New Zealand regions

An estimated 40% of migrants who get residency in New Zealand settle in Auckland. But if our biggest city has a lot of potential to kickstart your stay in New Zealand, the diversity and richness of lesser-known New Zealand regions could further act in your favour as the government is considering incentivising migration to regions, according to a recent New Zealand Herald article. Jobs are varied in trades, oil, forestry, tourism, teaching, and medical sectors. As a reminder, skilled migrants …

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Lonely Planet Guide’s Top 10 NZ Water Attractions

  According to Lonely Planet the following make up New Zealand’s top 10 water adventures: Raglan Surfing Auckland Sailing Blackwater rafting at the Waitomo Caves Kayaking in Okarito Lagoon and Abel Tasman National Park – Torrent River canyoning Swimming with Dolphins in Akaroa Swimming with Seals in Kaikoura Poor Knights Island marine Reserve You can check out the New Zealand Herald’s write up about Poor Knights Island here  

Increasing numbers of Australians call New Zealand home

It has been known for a few years now that many young New Zealanders have been crossing the Tasman sea to live and work in Australia. Salaries are generally higher there and job opportunities more numerous. However, life is also more expensive, and unemployment is rising in Australia. Increasing numbers of Kiwis but also now Australians have come to realise that it is not all about money and that New Zealand has a much better work-life balance. What’s more, its booming …

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Study in New Zealand

Want to study in New Zealand? University starts this week for many young New Zealanders, and a recent NZ Herald article reports that this year, students are most likely to take a degree focused on human society or culture, despite a trend to encourage science and technology. While candidates say the popular BA (Bachelor of Arts) is highly beneficial to their professional life, the government would like a shift towards solving skill shortages in IT, science, technology, engineering, and maths. Other students …

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A snapshot into New Zealand life

For a quick overview of New Zealand’s economy, people, and government, it is a good idea to look into the yearly New Zealand in Profile, published by Statistics New Zealand. The 2015 edition reveals a few interesting facts about New Zealand, if you intend to make it your new home. Even if you already live here, it’s a useful document for those wanting to know the average cost of housing or essentials, what salary they may expect, what the main New Zealand industries …

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ICC cricket world cup 2015 coming soon!

The 2015 ICC cricket world cup is coming soon! A few more days to go and the event will be kickstarted with the first game in Christchurch, Canterbury, with New Zealand Black Caps playing Sri Lanka on 14th February. An audience of a billion fans is expected to follow the games in Australia as well as iconic New Zealand cities such as Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, etc. This large sporting event (14 teams will be hosted) is a great …

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Christmas down-under

Have you ever wondered what Christmas is like for those of us down-under? Kiwi’s are typically laid back and relaxed people and the New Zealand Christmas is no exception to this. Christmas days are typically spent either at home, at a relatives or if you are lucky enough at the bach (holiday house). The classic Christmas dinner is sometimes replaced with a kiwi favourite – the barbecue and the days activities are largely orientated around the outdoors due to Christmas …

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Why move to New Zealand, in 30 words or less

“It’s a great place to work, we have great career opportunities, (and) a terrific quality of life” says New Zealand’s Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce.    With 50,000 jobs or more to be created over the next two years, it is definitely a good time to move to New Zealand. With a strong economy and booming market in many industries – construction, food & beverage, high tech…- as well as unbeatable quality of life, New Zealand is the …

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New Zealand comes up trumps for expats.

Migrants newly established in New Zealand would best describe the country as friendly and welcoming. A recent HSBC Expat Survey, which annually questions expats living in 34 countries around the world, rated New Zealand as the best place to raise a child, but also the country where expats are most likely to stay long term with a whooping 90% intending to stay indefinitely. Read more here  

Migration to New Zealand at an all time high

Migration to New Zealand has reached an all time high and exceeded the governments expectations which has been encouraged by students arriving from India to study and Kiwis returning home from Australia. Over the past year New Zealand gained 45,400 migrants and the Reserve Bank is estimating that 50,000 people will be added to the labour market over the next year. India has also overtaken China as the third largest source of long term arrivals with the UK in second …

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