Policy update: automated extensions for Family of temporary visa holders

The New Zealand Government implemented short-term changes in July to enable employer-assisted work visa holders to remain in New Zealand lawfully past the expiry of their visa. This resulted in an automated 6-months extension from the expiry of their current visa. Their family was previously excluded from this automatic extension.

What changes?

The change now allows for the family of a worker to have their temporary visas automatically extended, in line with the principal applicant's (worker). The family includes partners and dependent children, namely:

  • partner of a worker visa work visa
  • partner of a worker visa visitor visa
  • dependent child student visa
  • child of a worker visitor visa

Who qualifies?

You will qualify if:

  • you hold a temporary visa of the category named above (based on your relationship with a temporary work visa holder) AND;
  • your visa expires on or after 17 August 2020.

How do I know when my visa is extended?

You or your Licensed Immigration Adviser will be notified by Immigration New Zealand.